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The diversity of musical theatre works presented have been inspired by great writers and characters ....

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Alexandre Dumas, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, R. D. Blackmore,

Toulouse Lautrec, Ernest Hemingway, Lewis Carroll, Harold Brighouse,

William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and not forgetting the Rocking Horses.   

I am also very fortunate to have worked with very talented and supportive Singers and Orchestrators ....


Robert Fardell, Mark McKerracher, Emma Kershaw,  Andrew Morton,  Anne Mette Wilcox, Alison Jiear, Corrine Cowling,

James Graeme, Helen Dalimore, Christopher Howell, Tammy Joelle, Gordon Jones, Hans Peter Janssens, Mary Carewe.


Alasdair MacNeill, Phillip Dennis, Bjorn Dobbelaere, John Jansson, Conor Mitchell, Gordon Jones, David Lane.

SHOW PICTURES  Marilyn Kingwill ( Secret of Sainte - Marguerite )
   Tristan Kenton  ( Hemingway )

FINALLY  I wish to express my deep appreciation to Jeff Boxall ( Aardvark Studio ) for his collaboration on the web design and his support, over many years, in the recording of my music. 

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